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FDRD began as a group of local citizens who began collaborating with the USDA Forest Service, Dillon Ranger District (DRD), in 2004 to provide opportunities for community members to play a more active role in the sustainable management of our local National Forest. Our programs have grown steadily in response to a high level of demand for organized, effective outdoor stewardship projects. FDRD volunteers contribute thousands of hours maintaining and improving trails, planting trees, pulling invasive weeds, educating forest visitors, and much more. We are one of the most active locally-based outdoor stewardship organizations in the country, and were recognized as the US Forest Service’s Volunteer Program of the Year in 2010.


images-11.jpegSince 2005, FDRD's volunteers have maintained and improved over 100 miles of trail, performed fire mitigation and restoration on over 45 acres, removed invasive weeds on over 95 acres, removed over 4.6 miles of obsolete barbed wire fence, removed over 725 bags of litter and recycling from the forest, and contacted over 100,000 visitors through outreach education and volunteer ranger patrols.  Our efforts have resulted in over 68,000 volunteer hours and over $1,520,000 of in-kind value leveraged for our local National Forest.