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Volunteer Opportunities

Salt Lick Trail Construction

Salt Lick Trail Construction Office July 13, 2019
Join FDRD and the Town of Silverthorne for a day of trail construction. Read Full Post »

Grays & Torreys Trail Maintenance

Grays & Torreys Trail Maintenance Office July 13, 2019
Help FDRD and CFI show the Grays & Torreys trail some love. Read Full Post »

Forest Restoration Project

Forest Restoration Project Office July 12, 2019
Join the Summit Seniors for a day of dispersed campsite restoration. Read Full Post »

CO Trail Maintenance with Breck Rotary

CO Trail Maintenance with Breck Rotary Office June 29, 2019
Join FDRD and Breck Rotary for a day of maintenance on the Gold Hill section of the CO Trail. Read Full Post »

Hippo Trail Realignment

Hippo Trail Realignment Office June 25, 2019
Help us reroute this trail, which has taken a beating over the past several years. Read Full Post »