Speaker Series

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Every Winter, Friends of the Dillon Ranger District sponsors free speakers that are open to the public. Experts from a wide variety of specialities come to Summit County and give a presentation on everything from wildlife and scenic photography, wildflowers, rivers and streams, the history or our area, and so much more. We usually schedule one presentation each month from December through April.

See our calendar for the upcoming presentations and information on how to attend.


Past Examples

Backcountry Film Festival

Calling all “go big or go home” winter enthusiasts! Get ready to get goosebumps while you “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” at the impact and importance of our winter wildlands through this collection of short films. The 14th Annual Backcountry Film Festival film line-up is full of snowy, cinematic adventure sure to inspire both the local backcountry and general communities. Get stoked!

The Ski Troops – 10th Mountain Division

Join us for an evening with Colonel Tom Duhs USMC (retired) to hear the incredible story of the 10th Mountain Division. “Skiing off to War” is the story of the 10th Mountain Division, who trained at Camp Hale Colorado, and were deployed to Italy. They pushed the German Army out of Italy bringing about the end of the war in May of 1945. The unique nature of the only US Army Mountain Division, it’s recruitment, training, employment, and work after WWII makes the fascinating story of “The Ski Troops.”

Silent Bob and the Historic Avalanche Cycle with CAIC

Join Kreston Rohrig, CAIC’s Avalanche Forecaster for Summit and Eagle County, for a discussion on last year’s historical avalanche cycle. We will meet at Highside Brewing over fine suds to talk all things avalanche and backcountry travel, 1 year after the Silent Bob slide path was born.

Understanding the Streams and Lakes of the Dillon Ranger District

How much do you know about the streams and lakes of the Dillon Ranger District? It turns out the U.S. Geological Survey has been working hard for many years to give us an in-depth understanding of how the drainage basin behaves in the Ranger District. We have an opportunity to hear first hand from the leader of that effort who will use a geographic information system to show us many fascinating characteristics of the stream network. You will gain a significant insight into how the surface water system can be analyzed and learn many facts about our local water network.