Ranger Patrol

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Ranger Patrol

Welcome to FDRD’s most popular volunteer program! This opportunity is designed for hiking enthusiasts who enjoy interacting with fellow forest users and giving back to their local National Forest all at once! With visitation in Summit County increasing on an annual basis, the need for informed and dedicated volunteers patrolling our trails is at an all-time high. Each Ranger will be asked to complete (4) 4-hour hikes throughout the summer season (June-September). For each hike volunteers will sign up on the calendar, engage our trail users in a friendly manner and report back to the USFS with what they encountered on the trail that day. If you’re looking to give back to your local forest in a leisurely way and on your own schedule, this program is for you!

2024 Training Dates

May 18th 9am-3pm: For new volunteers, mandatory training to attend in person or virtual

May 22nd & May 28th 5-7pm: Returning Volunteer Trainings, please attend one of these sessions.

Here are the links that you’ll need this season:

Thank you for helping keep our forest safe and our trail users informed!

As a Ranger Patroller you will be responsible for the following:

  • Attending a mandatory training to ensure you’re up-to-date with all USFS protocols and regulations
  • Attending (1) mentor hike with a veteran Ranger to hone your approach
  • Acting as a liaison between the Forest Service, FDRD and the public

  • Checking in and out, before and after a hike, with a friend/partner to ensure your personal safety
  • Providing a friendly and helpful presence on our trail system
  • Educating trail users on proper etiquette based on the “Authority of the Resource”
  • Staying current with all USFS protocols and delivering that information in a calm, friendly manner
  • Keeping yourself, and others you encounter, safe in our forest
  • Having fun and interacting with other outdoor lovers!

2023 Ranger Patrol Accomplishments

Ranger Patrollers
Trail Users Contacted


We’re very sorry to say that our four-legged friends must stay behind when we are in uniform representing FDRD and the USFS.

Yep! We ask that all volunteers are off the trails by 5pm but aside from that, you pick times convenient for you. When you sign up on the calendar ahead of time, you can dictate when and where you’ll be patrolling for that day. You’re volunteering for us–so we believe there should be flexibility here.

Once you’ve completed the mandatory training, you’ll be issued a uniform that will include a hiking shirt, nametag and FDRD hat. We may ask for a small donation to help us offset the costs to produce the hats/nametags

On these hikes, we are here to educate…NOT enforce rules. Our job is to remind and educate trail users of the protocols and why those protocols are in place. Sometimes, it’s better to make a note of something and report it to the USFS than to force confrontation in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. Remember, your safety is the #1 goal!

Of course! We expect you to still adhere to the expectations of the program but bring friends and family members along. You may just impress them with your new-found knowledge!

Unfortunately, this is required. Due to the resources it takes to put this training on, we are only able to offer this once per season. Contact Doozie (info below) for getting linked up with a “mentor” who can teach you more about the program while hiking in the field. Hopefully, schedules will allow for next year’s training!

If you have any questions regarding this program, please get in touch with Lizzie Morrison who can be reached by phone: (970) 262-3449 or email: lizzie@fdrd.org.

She looks forward to discussing our programs with you!