Youth Programs

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Through FDRD youth stewardship and educational opportunities, youth learn the value of land stewardship and embark on projects that benefit our community, and the people who visit our National Forest each year. FDRD gets youth into the National Forest and instills a sense of awe while at the same time teaching them the values of keeping it pristine.

Types of Youth Projects

Youth Programs Offered

Leave No Trace Educational Hike

Children are led on a short, local hike, stopping to discuss the Seven Leave No Trace Principles. We find examples in the forest and engage in fun, educational games, that will help engrain these important principles of outdoor recreation into the minds of our youth.


FDRD partners with Winter Wildlands Alliance to offer SnowSchool. Kids will learn how to dig snow pits to measure depth and take snow samples to measure density, all while snowshoeing on a local trail and learning about wildlife tracks and signs.

Forest Thinning

Local youth learn the importance of a healthy forest by measuring forest tree density, and removing young trees in stands that have grown too dense.

Illegal Campsite Rehabilitation

Children help disperse illegal fire rings that have been built too close to a trail or stream, pick up trash, and remove all traces of humans, while learning about Leave No Trace principles as well as the reasoning behind illegal campsites.

Wildlife Educational Hike

Kids are lead on a short guided hike to search for signs of wildlife, identify tracks, scat, or markings on trees. We also learn tons of fun facts about all of the animals that call the forests of Summit County home.

Social Trail Removal

Social trails often lead to unnecessary erosion of fragile ecosystems. Kids will learn the importance of not creating social trails while turning up soil, gathering brush, and erasing any trace of detrimental social trails.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

Youth Forest Stewards

SnowSchool at Home

Test Your Local Forest Knowledge


All of our youth programs are done in partnership with youth groups/summer camps. However, we are happy to have youth on any of our public service projects. Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Contact our Education and Youth Programs Manager Cameron Breen ( We will discuss what the best program for your group would be.