Forest Health

Forest Health

forest-health.jpgWe all take so much from the surrounding forests through recreation, contemplation and relaxation but our Forest Health projects allow us all to give something back. Projects vary from season to season but general work will always include watershed restoration, wildlife habitat rehabilitation, fish monitoring, tree-planting, forest rehabilitation or illegal campsite and trail closures. With visitation to Summit County continually on the rise, it’s imperative we help the US Forest Service keep our beautiful forest pristine for future generations to enjoy as we do. These are great projects for volunteers of all ages to enjoy and we look forward to working with you on our next Forest Health project.

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Forest Health Monitoring

Forest Monitoring

Our forest health monitoring volunteers are trained as citizen scientists, collecting data that gives us insight into how our forest regenerates.

These volunteers monitor forest plots two times throughout the summer, collecting data about the percent of vegetation cover, number of trees, and other information regarding forest characteristics. By choosing monitoring plots in areas that have been thinned or cut, we can gather information about how the forest regenerates over time. We can also use this as a reference with areas that have not been treated.

If you are interested in participating in our Forest Health Monitoring program, contact FDRD Programs Manager Doozie Martin at (970) 262-3449. This program begins each spring, with a training usually offered in May or June.