Hiking Quandary this summer?

Everything you need to know about parking at Quandary can be found here.


Visitors wishing to hike Quandary Peak or McCullough Gulch during summer 2023, must reserve a parking reservation or ride a shuttle from June 17 to September 17, 2023. Outside of this time period, parking is free and first- come, first-served at the Quandary Peak Trailhead parking lot.

Parking Information

Parking reservations are required to park at the Quandary Peak Trailhead from June 17 to September 17.

Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance beginning June 1 at www.hikequandary.com.

Parking after 3:00pm will be free and first-come, first-served.

Parking tickets are $100 both in the Quandary parking lot and along McCullough Gulch and Blue Lakes Road.

Overnight parking is not allowed (12:00am – 4:00am) in the Quandary Peak Trailhead. Parking is prohibited on McCullough Gulch Road, Blue Lakes Road, and Highway 9.


Full day (5:00am – 3:00pm)

$30 non-peak (Monday-Thursday, excluding Holidays), $55 peak (Friday-Sunday, plus Holidays).

Full day reservations are encouraged for Quandary hikers, as the average hike time is 6 hours.

Short-term (4-hour time slots)

$10 non-peak (Monday-Thursday), $20 peak (Friday-Sunday). Short-term reservations are well suited for McCullough Gulch hikers.

Shuttle Information


The shuttle will operate June 17 to September 17 seven days a week from 5:00am to 5:00pm.

Shuttle tickets can be purchased up to two weeks in advance, starting June 1, at www.hikequandary.com.

Shuttles will operate on a first come, first serve basis. Passengers simply need to book the appropriate date and can board at any time on that date.

Pickup/drop off will occur at the Breckenridge South Gondola parking garage.

The last shuttle back to Breckenridge will board at 4:30pm at Quandary Peak.

It is free to park in the South Gondola parking garage all day using a code issued by SP Plus (shuttle operator) that visitors will receive in their shuttle email confirmation.

For a carless option, passengers are encouraged to walk, bike, or take the Town bus.

Dogs can ride the shuttle free of charge.


Round trip shuttle fares are $7 per person and $0 for Summit County residents.

Residents must email hikequandary@spplus.com with proof of residency a minimum of 48 hours in advance of their trip. SP Plus will then validate local status and will send a code to apply during check out.

Acceptable documentation includes, but is not limited to, a Driver’s License, Utility Bill, or Lease Agreement with the customer’s name and a Summit County address.


Visitors going to McCullough Gulch will take the same shuttle from Breckenridge as hikers going to Quandary Peak, and then board a second on-site shuttle at the Quandary Peak Trailhead to go to McCullough Gulch.

Visitors will not need to purchase a second shuttle ticket for this on-site shuttle. This on- site shuttle is free and included with a parking and/or shuttle reservation.

The McCullough Gulch shuttle runs from 8am to 4pm daily.


For more information head to www.hikequandary.com or Summit County Website