The Perseid Meteor Shower: How to Watch One of the Best Meteor Showers of the Year

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Shooting stars are pretty cool. They light up the night sky with quick blazes across the horizon and you can wish on them (whether or not that wish comes true is to-be-determined). However, in reality, shooting stars are not something straight out of a fairy tale or Disney movie, but they are a result of

Quandary Parking and Shuttle Information

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Hiking Quandary Peak this summer? Everything you need to know about parking for access to Quandary Peak can be found here. Visitors wishing to hike Quandary Peak or McCullough Gulch during summer 2023, must make a parking reservation or ride a shuttle from June 17 to September 17, 2023. Outside of this period,

Become a Youth Forest Steward!

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Join Our Team! Youth Forest Stewards What are they and how do I become one?! Applications Are Now Open! Deadline: May 1st, 2023 The Youth Forest Stewards (YFS) is a program with Friends of the Dillon Ranger District (FDRD) that brings together high school aged students for a

Ranger Patrol 2023

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Ranger Patrollers in the Wild Ranger Patrol is FDRD’s most popular volunteer program! This opportunity is designed for hiking enthusiasts who enjoy interacting with fellow forest users and giving back to their local National Forest all at once. With visitation in Summit County increasing on an annual basis, the need for informed and dedicated volunteers

2022 Accomplishments

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Recreation in Summit County is busier than ever before and FDRD’s mission is increasingly important to both our community and visitors.  We were able to accomplishment a lot in our 2022 field season.  We wouldn’t be able to be as productive without our amazing volunteers.  We had volunteers that have been

5 Steps to Follow When Cutting Down a Christmas Tree in Summit County

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5 Steps to Follow When Cutting Down a Christmas Tree in Summit County Everything you need to know about cutting down a Christmas tree in the White River National Forest, in Summit County, Colorado. Step 1: Purchase Your Permit Christmas Tree permits go on sale November 16, 2022.

Fish Shocking

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Fish Shocking This past month, we had the opportunity to bring volunteers out into the field with the USFS Fisheries Crew to do some fish shocking at North Fork of Swan River. Fish shocking is a technique used to temporarily attract and immobilize fish in an area to monitor and study them.

Youth Forest Steward SUMMER 2022 Update

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Youth Forest Stewards Summer 2022 Update FDRD jumps into year two with the Youth Forest Stewards! The Youth Forest Stewards (YFS) are a group of high school students who volunteer their time to do trail work, alongside the Forest Service. This summer our crew has participated in five diverse projects.

Thistle: Noxious or Native?

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Summit County Thistle Noxious Weed Removal: FDRD + ESWA We recently had the opportunity to partner with Eagle Summit Wilderness Alliance to learn about the different types of noxious weeds present in Summit County and how we can effectively go about removing them. Jim Alexander, an expert on weed identification

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