Boreal Toad

This past month, we had the opportunity to bring a handful of volunteers out for a day in the field with the USFS Fisheries Crew. Our objective for the day was to survey a Boreal Toad population. Boreal Toads are a state endangered species that are threaten by chytrid fungus. This fungal infection creates behavior changes in the toads which causes them to stop breeding. Within one season of this infection, fish biologists are finding the population to reduce dramatically eventually reaching extinction level mortality.

Chytrid Fungus is spread from drainage to drainage by humans’ boots/waders/clothing, infected toads, and animals.

Volunteers had the opportunity to be citizen scientist in the field. Data collected by USFS fisheries crew and volunteers included size, weight, chytrid fungus swab, sex, and photo of their belly (each toad has a different spot pattern similar to a fingerprint) of over 30 toads.


The swabs are sent into Colorado Parks and Wildlife to be tested for Chytrid Fungus to determine if it is present in the population.

How can you help prevent the spread of chytrid fungus?

1. Disinfect waders! How?

1. Scrub mud off

2. 7% bleach solution (9 oz bleach per 1 gallon of water)

3. Soak for 10 minutes



4. Spray with 409 cleaner and let sit for 10 minutes

5. Rinse


Hang high and dry for 7 days before wearing again