Handrail Construction at Officers Gulch

This fall we completed the first of many improvements to the Officer’s Gulch trail, with the help of the U.S. Forest Service and some fantastic volunteers. The bridge crossing the outflow of the pond had a broken handrail for the past several years. We completed the installation of a new sturdy handrail for visitors to safely cross the creek. With the addition of the handrail, the bridge now makes a lovely spot to stop for photos and a beautiful view of the pond and surrounding mountains.

The old handrail was constructed using natural materials and had degraded over time. The lack of handrail then created a safety hazard for visitors. Given the substantial distance between the top of the bridge and the creek bottom, someone could slip and seriously injure themselves. The new handrail we recently installed consists of treated dimensional lumber, which will make it last much longer in our harsh alpine environment. Not only will it last longer, but it is significantly more sturdy and will easily prevent bridge users from falling.

Thanks to the volunteers who came out on a chilly September morning to help us out!

Officers Gulch is a scenic area located right off of i70 Exit 198 between Frisco and Copper Mountain. There is an easy, 1.1-mile loop trail that follows the shoreline around the pond. Fishing is permitted at the pond, camping is not. Next time you’re passing by, check it out!

Next summer, FDRD will continue trail improvements at the Officers Gulch Pond Loop Trail. We plan on installing trail confidence markers to make it easier to navigate. Additionally, we will address the tread erosion issues on the north side of the loop, drainage issues, and muddy zones. We hope to improve this beautiful and easily accessed spot for all future visitors to enjoy! Look out for more Officer’s Gulch volunteer projects in summer 2022.