Sapphire Point Phase 1


The Sapphire Point Overlook is arguably one of the most visited trails in Summit County and it needed our help. The old retaining wall that was supporting the short section of trail to the overlook, was seeing the end of its life and in need of replacement in order to function properly. The goal of the Sapphire Point project was to replace the existing retaining wall and make the trail more accessible for a variety of trail users. With the support of the U.S. Forest Service and funding from Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee (DRREC), we put together project plans to build a new retaining wall from the trailhead to the overlook – about 450 feet. Over the course of two weeks in the month of September, FDRD staff and 48 volunteers constructed 450 feet of retaining wall. Along with the construction of the retaining structure, we improved the tread surface considerably, lessened the grade from the top to the bottom, and widened the trail where necessary. It is our hope that these improvements will increase accessibility to the overlook for those who require a wheelchair, stroller, etc. for mobility. We have finished working on Sapphire Point trail for this trail season, but plan to be back next summer with continued improvements! We hope to carry this momentum into 2021 with further improvements to enhance this beloved Summit County location. The tread will be further improved early next season and additional upgrades are under further discussion with land managers.

We want to thank the community and our volunteers for the love and support during this project.  We had quite a few volunteers come back for multiple days out at the project. We had people drive by and stop to lend a hand and trail magic drop offs of cookies, donuts, and lemonade.  FDRD would have never been able to complete this project without all of you. We cannot thank you enough!

HUGE thanks to our 48 volunteers!!

  • Volunteers from Breckenridge Grand Vacations: Jill Johnson, Chris Feenstra, Sammy Tarnowski, Amy Stackhouse, Katy Hanson, Andy Waugh, Clair Anicito & Brittany DeGraaf

  • Volunteers from Christy Sports: James Calvey (2 days), Chris Ankovall, Marcus Quesdada, Brock Johnson, Dennis McLaughlin, Seanna Weeks, Lincoln Cleverly, Rick Barsel & Ian Buritle

  • Volunteers from the Public: Andrews Stevens (7 days), Elaine Collins (5 days), John Peterson (4 days), Laura Weigand (3 days), Trey Wilson (3 days), Diane Borthwick (2 days), Bill Acuff (2 days), Steve Alberico (2 days), Ron Hill, Bill Hieber, Emily Reedy, Kade Heppner, Patricia Tamalis, Athena Vlahos, Carrie Magnuson, Levi Morris, Steve Rubin, Beth Wood, Orv Einsiedel, Hallie Jaeger, Steven James, Dj Heckmann, Kristin Kall, Fiona Nolan, David Wicke, Bruce Ruhlin, John Taylor, Stephen Kovacs, Kaylynn Knull, Nicole Rucobaclark, Chloe Denning, & John Uban

AND to those who dropped off goodies for volunteers!

Photos courtesy of Elaine Collins

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