Spruce Creek Wheeler Trail Bridge Construction

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Spruce Creek Wheeler Trail Bridge Construction What does it take to build a bridge on the National Forest? The process started back in summer of 2020 on a scout on the Spruce Creek Trail with the USFS Trail Crew. They assigned two specific bridge projects to us at FDRD.

Quandary & McCullough Gulch Reservation & Shuttle System

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Quandary & McCullough Gulch Reservation & Shuttle System It's no secret that our hometown 14er, Quandary Peak has been exploding in popularity. In fact, climbing any of our states 58 peaks over 14,000 feet in elevation has become so popular that around 415,000 hikers were counted on Colorado 14ers in

Camping With Black Bears in Summit County

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Camping With Black Bears in Summit County Camping in Summit County is wonderful... getting away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life to relax in the peace and tranquility of nature. However, camping here comes with some responsibilities that we might forget to think about when planning our

Winter Backcountry Safety

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Winter Backcountry Safety This year has brought an exponential increase in demand for recreation in our mountain community and with the winter season well underway, we feel it's pertinent to get proper safety information out to the masses. Winter recreation, including but not limited to: hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, touring, snowmobiling

FDRD Scholarship Spotlight

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FDRD Scholarship Spotlight This spring FDRD had the honor of awarding a couple $1,000 scholarships to two local Summit High seniors. This was the first time we offered an FDRD Scholarship, but we will continue the tradition for years to come. We recently caught up with Jessica and Jeremiah, our

Summer 2020 Accomplishments

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Summer 2020 Accomplishments SUMMER 2020 ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Summer of 2020 brought in plenty of new variables that FDRD programming had yet to encounter, including face coverings, physical distancing, sanitization protocols, and group size restrictions. Our dedicated FDRD staff worked harder than ever to make sure we were still able

Spruce Creek Turnpike Construction

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Spruce Creek Turnpike Construction SPRUCE CREEK TURNPIKE CONSTRUCTION The Spruce Creek Trail in Blue River is highly trafficked by trail users on their way to the Mohawk Lakes basin. The trail crosses a number of wet, boggy areas. One particular section was seeing a high amount of resource

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