Summer 2021 Accomplishments

It’s no secret that our trails and forest are getting more use than ever before. Recreation in Summit County is on the rise and our organization’s mission is increasingly important to both our community and visitors. Thankfully, FDRD was able to accomplish more than ever before during our field work season in 2021! We accredit that to our amazing crew of volunteers. Not only are we still seeing the same folks that have been with us for 10+ years, but we’ve also seen an uptick in new volunteers joining in on the fun. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization and we are so grateful for every single one of them! If you volunteered with us this summer, whether it was for a trail maintenance or forest restoration project, fundraising event, or leading an educational hike or presentation; please give yourself and pat on the back. All of the below accomplishments would not have been possible without you! A great deal of our volunteers participate through our partnerships with many local businesses and organizations. We’d also like to give a shoutout to our incredible partners from our 2021 season!

Grand Totals

  • 60 Trail Projects

  • 1,023 Volunteers

  • 5,751 Volunteer Hours

Ranger Patrol

  • 90 Ranger Patrollers

  • 441 Hikes

  • 2,425 Miles Patrolled

  • Over 10,000 trail users educated

Arctic Placer

  • 2 bridge approaches constructed & filled

  • 1,500 ft of maintained trail

  • Partners: The Pad, Town of Silverthorne, Summit Co. Open Space

Sapphire Point

  • 150 ft of buck and rail fence constructed

  • 15,000 sq ft of rehabilitated area

  • 4 lodgepole pines transplanted

  • 50 tons of crusher fines for tread improvements

Maryland Creek Trail

  • (2) 5 ft timber culverts installed

  • 200 ft of new trail cut

  • 1,800 ft of trail maintained

  • 10 bags of noxious thistle seed heads removed

  • Partners: Contour Logic, Summit Sky Ranch, Town of Silverthorne

Spruce Creek/Wheeler Trail Bridge

  • 16 ft bridge constructed

  • 8 ft of bridge approaches constructed

  • 4 drainage dips dug

  • Partners: Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Breckenridge Mountain Rotary


  • 4,200 ft of trail tread maintenance, including turn improvements and corridor clearing

Officers Gulch

Frisco Peninsula

  • 700 ft of new trail cut

  • 3,640 ft of corridor cleared

  • 5,800 ft of trail maintained

  • 36,000 sq ft of forest thinned

  • Partners: Summit Mountain Bikers, Summit Association of Realtors, Frisco Day Camps, Keystone Science School

Quandary Peak

  • 30 ft of rock wall installed

  • 40 sq ft of backwall constructed

  • 98 volunteer hours at 12,500ft!

The Peaks Trail

  • 1,300 ft of maintained trail

  • 38 ft of maintained turnpike

  • 8 ft of rock wall installed

  • 2 decommissioned bridges

Adopt a Trailhead

  • 45 Summit County trailheads adopted

  • 279 bags of trash collected

Adopt a Hwy

  • 20 bags of trash collected

Adopt a Bin

  • 30 monofilament  fishing bins adopted throughout the county

  • All fishing line collected sent in to be recycled

  • 10 bags of trash collected

Copper Mountain Seed Collection

  • About 200,000 native seeds collected

  • Species collected: locoweed, arnica, penstemon, paintbrush, fireweed

Peru Creek

  • 42 trees transplanted

  • 33 plant species transplanted

  • 15,500 sq ft restored area

  • Partners: Colorado Young Leaders, Summit Seniors, Youth Forest Stewards

Youth Education

  • 620 kids participated in programs/events

  • 120 participated in new macroinvertebrate program

  • 500 total hours of youth educational programming

Youth Service Projects

  • 170 kids participated in over 16 projects

  • 47,000 sq ft of forest thinned

  • 6,456 sq ft of campsite area rehabilitated

  • 90 trees transplanted

Youth Forest Stewards

  • 140 hours of service

  • 30 ft turnpike maintenance

  • 4,365 sq ft restored campsite areas

  • 1,500 ft barbed wire fence removal

  • 60 ft buck and rail fence constructed

Educational Programs

  • 21 educational events (14 hikes, 4 auto tours, 1 bike tour, 1 kayak tour)

  • 251 adult participants

  • 60+ hours of educational programming

Fundraising Events

  • 20 events: Farmers Market, Keystone Bacon Fest, Dillon Concerts, Frisco Fall Fest

  • 119 volunteers, 440 volunteer hours

  • $10,000 in event retail sales

  • $11,500 raised

Thanks for a great season!