Summer 2020 Accomplishments


The Summer of 2020 brought in plenty of new variables that FDRD programming had yet to encounter, including face coverings, physical distancing, sanitization protocols, and group size restrictions. Our dedicated FDRD staff worked harder than ever to make sure we were still able to fulfill our mission of forest stewardship, while providing opportunities for the community to safely take part. Take a look at the trail work, forest restoration, and educational programming that we completed this summer, despite the ongoing global pandemic.

Acorn Creek

  • 1 mile of barbed wire fencing removed – This opens up 434 acres of winter habitat for deer, elk, and moose to roam freely without getting caught!

  • Volunteers: Eagle Scouts Troop #188, homeowners, FDRD staff, US Forest Service, and CO Parks & Wildlife

Salt Lick

  • Sunset North bridge – 20 feet of new bridge construction

  • 16 feet of turnpike maintenance

  • Volunteers: Wildernest Property Managers & FDRD staff

Sapphire Point

  • 450 feet of retaining wall constructed

  • 400 feet of tread maintenance

  • 2 weeks of work

  • Volunteers: Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Christy Sports, FDRD staff & 49 volunteers from the public!

Read our Sapphire Point blog post 

Soda Creek & Groovy Uvi

  • 3,820 feet (.75 mile) of new trail cut

  • 12 feet of bridge construction

  • 465 feet of tread maintenance

  • 136 feet of turnpike maintenance

  • 34 feet of bridge approach maintenance

  • Volunteers: 3 days with the Summit Mountain Bikers, 4 public days, Summit Association of Realtors, & Meadow Wood homeowners

Peru Creek Campsite Restoration

  • 8,700 square feet of restored & rehabilitated area

  • Volunteers: The Summit Seniors

Copper Mountain Seed Collection

  • 100,000 native seeds collected!

  • Species collected: golden rod, purple locoweed, red western columbine, and heart leaf arnica

  • Volunteers: Copper Mountain & the public

The Colorado Trail at Gold Hill

  • 21 drainage dips constructed

  • 25 feet of rock wall constructed

  • 12 feet of turnpike maintenance

  • Volunteers: Breckenridge Grand Vacations, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, & FDRD staff/board

Horseshoe Gulch

  • 5 drainage dips constructed

  • 42 feet of turnpike maintenance

  • Volunteers: Breckenridge Mountain Rotary, & FDRD staff

Spruce Creek

  • 24 feet of natural turnpike constructed

  • Volunteers: Breckenridge Grand Vacations & 2 days with the public

  • 11 youth service projects

  • 7 educational hikes/programs

  • 5,890 feet of trail corridor cleared

  • 4,200 square feet of forest thinned on the Frisco Peninsula

  • 20 pieces of broken decking replaced on Rainbow Lakes trail boardwalk

Educational Hikes & Presentations

  • 23 educational events – 3 presentations, 2 auto tours, 9 hikes, 1 bike tour, 8 webinars

  • 380 adults educated

  • 214 youth educated

Ranger Patrol

  • 279 hikes

  • 1,503 miles patrolled

  • 4,265 people contacted

  • 222 fire safety conversations

Trash Cleanup

  • 168 bags of trash collected!

  • Adopt-a-Trailhead: 120

  • Road cleanup: 25

  • Adopt-a-Bin: 11

  • Field projects: 12

Indiana Creek

  • An aquatic organism passage with a natural stream bottom was installed on Indiana Creek in the location that was previously a fiord crossing for vehicles

  • 1,000 feet of road within 100 feet of Indiana Creek was decommissioned and reseeded – estimated to reduce 0.7 tons of sediment into Indiana Creek per year

  • 260 feet of Indiana-Pennsylvania Connect Road was moved to a more sustainable, upland location

  • 430 square feet of stream bank habitat restored and reconnected to the existing banks

New Programming

  • Sign Restoration – Volunteers sanded, painted, & restored old, deteriorating signs

  • Adopt-a-Trailhead – Over 30 trailheads adopted! Volunteers visited their trailhead at least twice per summer to clean up trash and report any kiosk damage

  • Adopt-a-Bin – Volunteers cleaned out fishing line recycling bins and returned line to FDRD to be recycled

Check out the video below for an interactive map of our Summer 2020 Accomplishments!


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